Hello! My name is Ashley.

I'm creative by nature and love a good challenge. My curiosity and fascination have led me to obtain a B.A. in Communications Studies (the study of communication), and an M.S. in Marketing with a Social Media concentration.

As a marketer early in my career, I welcome new opportunities to develop and showcase my marketing skills. Whether through traditional form or new age digital, I search for ways to appeal to target-audiences while being innovative, professional, and extending brand voice. 

My experience ranges from curating public relations and marketing materials, to developing digital and social media content and strategy. With a passion for marketing, I've worked for industries across the board in Music, Digital Entertainment, Beauty, and Agriculture. If interested, feel free to view my portfolio or contact me via e-mail. 

Award-Winning Content

Contributed Content for The Social Observer landing FeedSpot's Top 100 Social Media Blogs of 2016! 

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Events I've Worked

Brands I've Worked With

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein